E&N survey biased

E&N survey biased

The survey should be neutral

E&N survey biased

I took the opportunity to complete the E&N “survey”. I am using the term survey as generously as I possibly can, for it is not truly a survey, it is a document made available for people to provide input to E&N railway but really they ask some questions that make you go…what?

Here is an example of one of the questions that struck me as trying to skew the results of the survey in the favour of the E&N ongoing saga.

Question: This was subject to how you responded to the previous question

“…even though you do not believe rail transport is a viable option do you support the notion of rail to help serve island communities and alleviate traffic congestion?”

It’s kind of like, we did not like your answer so you will now have to respond to another loaded question that will support E&N Railway. The survey should be neutral and should allow people to fill out the questions with what they want or think, not be used to skew the responses to what E&N wants to see. You only got this question if you did not respond appropriately to the previous one.

If it was a viable business and able to generate revenue Canadian Pacific would never have donated it to the government.

I have shared this link with many other people both pro and anti spending more money on E&N railway and many noted how biased it was and it tried to skew the survey to get the data that they want to see.

Glenn White

Shawnigan Lake