F grade for Dix and Trudeau

You must keep people away from travelling in a pandemic.

F grade for Dix and Trudeau

F grade for Dix and Trudeau

On Aug. 11, 2020 Adrian Dix is telling the residents of B.C. that COVID-19 case numbers are too high. Is that so, Mr. Dix? You are also part of this rise of cases in recent days.

Why? You have allowed too many areas to re-open to travel. At one time, you cancelled all ferries from Departure Bay to Horseshoe Bay, and changed the schedule for the Duke Point-Tsawwassen ferry and Victoria-Tsawwassen ferry to only four sailings per day. Great decision. You then changed back to regular sailing schedules on these routes and also the return of operation to the Departure Bay-Horseshoe Bay route. This alone has now created more people travelling in the present COVID pandemic.

Ninety-nine per cent of people have no patience and if you left the cutback on ferry sailings as is, these people would not be travelling.

You must keep people away from travelling in a pandemic.

You also did not close the border between Alberta and B.C. with Alberta having three times as many COVID cases as B.C. does.

You say that you want to get the B.C. economy going again. You want the revenue from B.C ferries, B.C. sales tax, B.C. gas tax, B.C. liquor tax, and B.C. room tax.

This over the safety of B.C. residents. These taxes will always be there for any B.C. government, but B.C. citizens only have one life to live.

You have failed Mr. Dix. The economy has to be put on hold. The lives of B.C. citizens is number one in importance.

On Aug. 5, 2020 Justin Trudeau gave $5 million in humanitarian aid to Lebanon. On Aug. 10, 2020, Justin Trudeau gave another $25 million of humanitarian aid to Lebanon. Also Justin Trudeau says that the government will match all individuals’ donations made to Lebanon up to a maximum of $2 million between Aug. 4 to Aug. 24, 2020. How does this happen when Canada has thousands of its own citizens living as homeless across Canada on the streets of Canada? The principle of the matter does not take balance of priorities and Canadian citizens will be paying more taxes. Looking after the citizens of Canada is number one in importance.

Adrian Dix is paid a taxpayer funded salary of $166,536 per year and Justin Trudeau is paid a taxpayer funded salary of $357,800 per year.

Surely the both of you could do better decision making.

Your report card reading would give you both an F grade.


Joe Sawchuk