Flight schools don’t care about residents they’re flying over

My husband and I have lived up Mt. Sicker Road for 30 years, where you are now suggesting that these practising pilots go fly.

I feel I have to comment to you, Mr. Anderson, in reply to your letter in regards to Ms. Ramsdin, and Manuel Erickson in regards to the plane noise.

My husband and I have lived up Mt. Sicker Road for 30 years, where you are now suggesting that these practising pilots go fly.

Just to inform you, Mr. Ferguson, we already have these planes flying up here, as Mount Sicker Valley is Victoria’s designated training area for practising pilots since the Second World War. We have all of Victoria’s flight school’s training done here in the Mount Sicker Valley, and this we pay dearly for, as these planes are practising daily over our homes, morning til night! We happen to live right beside a field where these planes practice their stall and recovery; it goes on for hours and hours some days.

We as “good neighbours” have phoned many times and asked Victoria flying school to get their planes to move off of the populated area here in this valley, which is the first five kilometres of Mt. Sicker Road, but the more we ask Vic flying school to move off of the houses the more they continue to use our homes for their markers, for practising these stalls and recovery and other techniques needed to train a pilot.

It is just a matter of time now, when one of these planes goes down and the more we ask that the Victoria flying school be good neighbours and to move up the valley away from our houses the more they stay here.

We have also gone to Transport Canada and beyond and we are left with this noise pollution because instructors are exempt from having to follow regular plane regulations e.g. flying low over populated areas. We get the feeling from these instructors, that they think that they are better then the average person because they can fly…

I find these instructors from these flight schools to be think that their noise is okay at the cost of others. Our quiet lives are now gone thanks to nothing being done, and you can’t tell me that these pilots don’t know the noise their engines make, especially when they are coming out of a stall as they have to full throttle their engines to bring them up and out of the stall manoeuvre.

I totally agree with Mr. Manuel Erickson and Ms. Ramsdin that yes, they should go practise over the ocean where we don’t have to listen to their roaring engines from morning til night! At least not at my expense of not being able to hear the beauty of the nature anymore.

Totally fed up.


Charlene Schiewe

Mount Sicker