Fursenau’s priorities questioned

Two MLA’s, Ellis Ross, B.C. Liberal MLA for Skeena, and B.C. Green MLA, Sonia Furstenau for Cowichan Valley. Both of them won their MLA seats from NDP stronghold ridings, in the May 9th provincial election.

Now both require new constituency offices. Ellis Ross, thinking of how to save taxpayer dollars, decided to take over the same constituency office recently held by the Skeena riding, NDP MLA.

All that was needed was a new paint job, a new phone number change, and name changes to monthly billings in regards to the MLA office operations. Keeping the same location was also convenient for the constituents as they all knew the location of their local MLA office. Sonia Furstenau, not ever once thinking about saving taxpayer dollars, goes looking for a new location for her MLA office.

New renovation costs, new rental lease agreements, new office furniture, etc, all being paid for with taxpayer dollars. If Sonia was cost conscientious, she could have taken the same MLA office that was the location of the former Cowichan Valley NDP MLA’s office. Is this the kind of MLA that you want to represent you, that lives with a double standard.

Why? That is when it comes to her own personal expenses when it involves her own bank account, she takes the best economical approach but the exact opposite economical approach in spending your taxpayer dollars.

Joe Sawchuk