Health of Cowichan Bay at stake

Rezoning issue has health implications

The rezoning issue is vital to the health of Cowichan Bay and our community in general.

Everyone I ask to sign the petition is more than willing – no one wants to see this giant step backwards. Tourism will always be the economic driver here and 10 to 20 jobs in a steel factory illegally installed in our bay would seriously impact this.

We worked so hard to get rid of big ships in the harbour –because the air quality issues were horrendous during inversions.

Of course we know that Cowichan is one of the worst areas in Canada for inversions – due to being locked in by mountains completely – with our one escape being blocked by Saltspring Island.

Also we’re coastal – of the worst kind for air quality – and we’re an inside passage. Why would anyone want to jeopardize our deplorable air quality with ships servicing an industry here?

We are poised for a building boom here that is going to require colossal amounts of steel fabrication to facilitate. PIM can move to an area that is zoned – it doesn’t have to be on the water at all – and leave one of Canada’s most sensitive estuaries to be enjoyed for generations to come – not a huge clean up project waiting to happen.

I liken it to killing the grizzlies or photographing them – who wouldn’t choose the sustainable option if given the facts.

Goetz Schuerholz

Cowichan Estuary Restoration & Conservation Association