High income earners are the victims

High income earners are the victims

High income earners are the victims

Re: “Higher tax bracket? Stop complaining!”, (Citizen, March 22)

Your point of “to whom much has been given much is expected” is probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

High income earners have done just that — earned it. In fact, they are given next to nothing in return. They do not qualify for any daycare subsidy, medical benefit deductions, or any of the other gracious handouts that this country benefits from thanks to them.

Most high income earners work more than a regular work week, making it impossible for a spouse to work while caring for their children. High income earners cannot even split their income with their lower earning spouses anymore. Every promotion they receive is not rewarding, as any extra income will just be flushed to taxes. Many high income earners have spent their lives dedicating themselves to their careers, and not seeing barely half of what they have made.

Let me ask you sir, if you worked your whole life to pay for a tank of gas, would you be very happy to give half of it away, and then be charged extra to drive it on the highway? Any high income earner would be proud to see their tax dollars make this country greater, but it sure would be nice for them to experience the same benefits as every other Canadian gets to enjoy. Especially since they pay for most of it.

Lyndsey Milward