Highway over rail is a no-brainer, Robert

Highway over rail is a no-brainer, Robert

Island rail system is ‘pathetic’

It would seem that Robert Barron does not understand our government’s fiscal policy, regardless of an old relic laying rotting that cries out for someone’s intelligence to make use of what is left.

Money spent on our Island highway will always pay back many times what it has cost to keep it in good shape. More vehicles = more taxes collected, gasoline, auto parts, lubrication (oil, grease), tires, paint, and bodywork as a result of accidents. The list goes on for the tax man.

Compare the returns from this Island pathetic rail system to the above. This is a no-brainer.

I have mentioned at other times that a mono line system could built piece by piece might be a way of reviving a transit system yet do not hold your hand in one place, for this to happen.

George Manners

Cowichan Bay