Housing support needs clear definitions

Housing support needs clear definitions

CHA should establish its purposes before going ahead

It remains unclear as to how the Cowichan Housing Association will differentiate between folks who “need” and folks who “want” housing support.

The question is: what are the measures against which the need for affordable housing support will be measured for the categories of folk who your presentation addresses – the CMHC standard of 30% of income obviously being a useless measure for the CHA purpose.

The notion of “homelessness” is a term that immediately elicits solicitude and is a grand word to cover a wide range of concerns. The CHA presentation to the CVRD presents a complex overview of social issues that exist in most, if not all, communities but it is full of notions while woefully short on detail. Is that because the details have yet to be identified and, if so, is it not premature for the CVRD to consider, let alone provide, financial support prior to knowing how the CHA will expend those funds?

To seek financial support from the CVRD for pursuit of an undefined notion, no matter how high-minded and professional the presentation, is asking for the investment of taxpayer monies on faith.

The CHA assertion that “decisions regarding allocations will be based on solid principles, criteria and priorities that will be determined in collaboration with the CVRD and the Cowichan Coalition to Address Homelessness and Affordable Housing” are fine words. However, that notion clearly indicates that the CHA has not established exactly what its purposes are and those “solid principles, criteria and priorities” should be specifically defined.

Pat Mulcahy