How are local governments going to support local business?

How are local governments going to support local business?

What is our local government doing or planning to do to ensure the success of our communities

How are local governments going to support local business?

Dear (mayor and council/chair and board):

Thank you for your ongoing efforts to deal with the COVID-19 emergency. In times of crisis we rely on our local governments for support and leadership.

We felt compelled to get a message out there that we also want to know the same answers as our friends whose letter was received under this title “Local governments urged to focus attention on climate change” as the undersigned believe there must be a healthy balance in between the environment and business. Which is why our messaging and our asks are similar in nature.

In the face of COVID-19 our attention became focused on the heath and well being of our families, our friends and our neighbours and the potential implications that we did, and continue to, face as our numbers rise again.

In the face of this pandemic we cannot forget what it is that has kept our community pressing forward and thriving in its own way. Local businesses.

Our local businesses and those who own, operate, are employed and, most of all, those who support them, are what has kept the Cowichan strong.

We do not see an end to the pandemic anytime soon; but we are grateful to live, WORK and play in the Cowichan Valley. A place where local means something and supporting one another means something.

Many industries have remained strong through the past six months including agriculture, food producers, real estate, contractors, builders, and professions that support businesses. Many adapted to what was needed and, in some cases, even expanded, including hiring people.

Today we are writing to you to ask for your support. We want to ask the question: what is our local government doing or planning to do to ensure the success of our communities by enticing new business and supporting growth and development in our region? What is our local government doing or planning to do to keep the Cowichan Valley a leader in Economic Development on Vancouver Island?

We ask that the answers to our questions be in writing and shared publicly so that all local citizens can be both informed and educated about how our local government plans to support its business, agriculture, contractors and developers in the future.

We thank you for your leadership,

Jennifer & Ian Woike – Farmer Bens Eggs/ Running W Egg Farm Ltd *Co Chair Cowichan Works

Ann & Brian Danyliw – The Agency Cowichan *Co Chair Cowichan Works

Bruce Muir – Elmworth Construction Ltd.

Rob Winter

Cam Drew – Thermoproof

John Butler

Rafer Strandlund – President Transtide Kingsview Development Ltd.

Balbir Parhar – Parhar Group

Terry Pearson – Nicon Developments

Chris Clement

Brian Locher, P.Eng., LL.B.Senior Project Manager BV Developments Management Corp.

David & Carol Messier Maple Bay Marina and Modern Coastal Homes

Mike Cooper – Warm Valley Construction

Margo Young -My Accountant CPA Ltd.

Joanne & Keith de Lure – Retired Forestry Industry

Jas Bains

Konrad Louis – Coast Roofing

Marcel Stemkens – Most Project Management

Andrew Gudmundseth- Greencoast Electric Solar Installation Company

Keith Tennert – Nicon Development

Don Bahen – Island Fibre Ltd.

Blair Hebert – Owner/Broker Royal LePage Duncan Realty

Sequoia Management Group Inc.

Nick Woywitka – Nicon Developments

JBL Custom Homes

Brian Wallis – Retired Professional Forester

Sprott Road Business Park – Randy Young

Dr Rachelle Young

Mariya Young CPA

Wiersma Masonry

Donnay Developments

Roger & Vicki Walker

Gabor and Lisa Horvath – Seaside Computers

Holly Lalande – Tall Tree Lumber

Duncan Cowichan Chamber of Commerce and Membership

Maria Rose

Can EcDev Corp.

Sonja & Art Milbury

Pieter Baljet – Discovery Honda

Doug Taylor

Julie Scurr, CPA CMA Coast Salish Insurance

Wally Smith Past President dairy Farmers of Canada

Doug Taylor

Shana Marie – Admin Neighbourhood Watch Cowichan

Rick Hogg – Licensed Mechanic

Kathryn Belsher – RMT

Wendy Wilson – Wilson Interior Design

Susan Plester – Quest Consulting

Deborah Powers – Manager Sherwood House

Hatton Insurance

Bruce Findlay – SureFire Properties Inc.

Lion Rampant Pub & Private Liquor Store

Savory Construction

Johnston Contracting

Joan Green

Jessica Castle – Real Estate Agent The Agency

Joe Kinrade

Pam Stover