How is roadwork decided?

Re: How was road work decided?

It would be nice if the answer was the following:-

The rest of Renfrew rd. will be completely resurfaced, all the way to West Shawnigan lake rd. upon completion of the present project.

The passenger most often in my vehicle suggested that someone should have dug up the “end of project sign” and replanted it there, just as a STATEMENT.. (of fact).

Myself, as I drive it as well , also had the opinion that the signs were decided (obviously during a “meeting” at GREAT COST) to be put up, ( also at GREAT EXPENSE of design and manufacture) so we would notice the signs ahead of the election.

The patching of the remaining surface, with a tar base (koalas?) and a pee gravel topping is functional but, the condition of that section of road (after Ceylon) was not complimented by this Patch job, it is actually higher, but just as uneven, ask a cyclist and they will tell you it’s worse. (never mind the “LOOSE GRAVEL” damage your windshield signs)

Yes, we had a season of pothole proliferation larger than normal, the roadway now as it stands will heave and buckle

and the potholes will return with a vengance, next winter, probably propagating, little ones that will grow over time.

Please, Pave it now (use concrete) before I loose my upper plate or a cyclist looses their life, the increased traffic going to the TRESTLE AND the “little” sub-division that has been allowed to occur, has had an effect on BOTH roadways. This had to have been expected. Well, perhaps after coffee time, or lunch at one of the meetings it was skipped in the agenda? Maybe from the pages sticking together or a page marker being misplaced or lost..?

They definitely fell far short of the driving publics expectations after the sign went up ! That we can all agree on.

Don Richardson

Shawnigan Lake