Inconvient truths (your government doesn’t want you to think about)

The possible destruction of the North American electric power grid by EMP

Inconvient truths (your government doesn’t want you to think about)

Besides the fact that the Association of Atomic Scientists last year advance the so-called Doomsday Clock to two minutes to midnight (or, more ominously termed zero hour), the same level of damage of nuclear war breaking out as of the time of the 1962 Cuban Missle Crisis, the present recalibration of danger is due mostly to North Korean actions and trheats and President Trump’s counter threats, (and now Putin’s speech; WWIII could be this year).

1. Radioactive canned tuna fish on supermarket shelves have been discovered in the U.S. for sale. Yellow fin tuna from the Sea of Japan are now so contaminated by the continuing nuclear pollution of sea water from the Fukushima power plant meltdown several years ago that eating them ahs been deemed unhealthy by the Japanese government (selling them abroad, apparently not). Sea water is being continually pumped through the hot nuclear fuel rods that still remain in those doomed reactors in order to prevent nuclear contamination of the atmosphere — a far gereater and more immediate danger to their population. Japanese scientists are at a loss to solve this problem. (Safety tip: go to supermarket armed with Geiger counter.)

2. The possible destruction of the North American electric power grid by one of two likely sources of a massive EMP (electro-magnetic pulse).

Method A (natural): A massive coronal ejection of highly charged energetic sub-atomic particles by the sun, directed squarely at the Earth full-on — an event called a “kill shot” by those who study this phenomenon. Such an event would overwhelm the Van-Allen belt of Earth’s magnetic field, which normally diverts cosmic rays and such small batches of highly charged sub-atomic particles that regularly stream in from the cosmos, harmlessly to the sides of our planet. A kill shot would also partially strip the atmosphere envelope of the Earth and result in over 90 per cent destruction of every living thing, it is estimated. On July 23, 2012, a massive coronal ejection (with a total mass equivalent to the mass of Mount Everest) passed between the Earth and the moon, just missing striking the planet by a measley 134,000 miles! If the CME had occured 24 hours sooner, the Earth would have been devastated.

Method B (human caused): A nuclear device is detonated approximately 200 miles above the surface of the Earth by an enemy, causing an EMP. In this case, the result will be a continent-wide power outage lasting probably one to three years, due to massive damage to transformers and related equipment at electric generating plants and distribution sub-stations caused by current surges in the grid that will melt the transformer windings and boil the cooling fluid. Estimates are that the human population of North America would decrease by at leat 90 per cent by the end of the first year (due to starvation, disease epidemics and violence, because of likely ensuing anarchy.

The technology and ability exists to shiled and protect all power grids from the EMP regardless of the cause. The authorities know about the danger and the infrastructure required to protect the grid but don’t acknowledge even knowing about the danger. Why? The estimated cost of protecting all of North America from this existential threat is in the range of $10 to $20 billion. I guess I have to presume we are just not worth it!

What is it gong to take to prod the politicians into correcting this glaring insufficiency — just asking.

P.S. There could be 223 Chernobyls south of the border when nuclear power plants melt down after an EMP due ot a lack of electricity to run the water pumps to cool the fuel rods after the reactor is “scrammed”.

Glen Rolfe


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