Is overpopulation the cause of climate change

Is overpopulation the cause of climate change

Re: Population control needed to fight climate change

Mike deMeulles is confused as to why fossil fuels are blamed for climate change when “the only reason for this increase in fossil fuel usage is because of our population increase.” He says, “We are the only species on this planet that cannot control it’s own population.” Actually, the opposite is true: animals don’t control their own populations, nature does, and humans are the ONLY species that tries to control it’s own population.

This idea that there are too many people has it roots in the eugenics movement that reared its ugly head in the late 1800’s. The goal of eugenics was to improve the genetic quality of the human population by selective breeding of those judged to be superior and eliminating those judged to be inferior through forced sterilizations and abortions.

Hitler, who was funded and supported by big bankers and industrialists on both sides of the Atlantic, took the eugenics doctrine to the extreme with his obsession to breed the “Aryan Superman” and exterminate Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and all others whom he considered to be “vermin.”

After the war it was necessary for eugenics to go incognito, but it is still alive and well today amongst the very same corporate entities that were behind Hitler. Disguised as the environmental movement (and all the other movements) the eugenics depopulation agenda continues to goose-step forward. While clean renewable energy sources such as industrial hemp have been banned or suppressed, the blame for the environmental degradation perpetrated by multinational oil corporations is projected onto the people who have been held hostage to their dirty oil monopoly for more than a century.

As further distraction, the corporatocracy has confused anthropogenic degradation of the environment with naturally occurring climate change, which are two very separate and unrelated issues. They want us to feel guilty and fearful about our “carbon footprint” so that we will accept even more taxation, even higher gas prices and be even more willing to give up our liberties and freedoms to supposedly save the planet. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of scientists around the globe have found no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide is causing catastrophic heating of Earth’s atmosphere or disruption of the climate.

So, considering the media’s constant bombardment of covert eugenics propaganda, I guess it’s no wonder that Mike deMuelles wants to blame people instead of fossil fuels. But he too was once a child and he should be thankful that the same Orwellian birth reduction incentives that he now proposes did not prevent his own birth.

David Work

Lake Cowichan