Lack of response from municipality upsetting

Approximately one month ago I was running around town taking care of business.

Approximately one month ago I was running around town taking care of business.

As I was driving along York Road towards Beverly, traffic was brought to a slow by road crews working at the roundabout, powerwashing.

As I watched the fellow running the pressure washer in the centre, I immediately thought of the close proximity to the cars and the direction he was pointing the wand and spraying debris.

Of course as we were waved forward to move along and enter/exit the roundabout, this guy not only does not stop pressure washing near us, but turns further towards traffic and blasts the debris right at my car!

I could not believe it. A five-year-old would know the outcome of this act. Angry, I had to continue driving out of the way and got to the hardware store, then viewed my vehicle, which I just washed.

Yup, it was blasted with debris and dirt and rocks all the way up to the side windows. I drive a Mercedes SUV. Now I’m very angry.

I went home and called the North Cowichan municipality, was sent to one person, then passed on to another, to finally leave a message to whom I was told was in charge of the road crew. I received a call back promptly, and after describing my ordeal, I was met with accusations of false claims. This man then told me, if I wish to submit a written complaint, I can do so to his email, and I will be notified.

Guess what? No reply.

By the way, yes I did have my car looked at by the local auto detailer that same day to view the debris blasted down the side of it, and obvious scratches it caused. I also reported it to the RCMP.

A simple detail and buffing most likely would have fixed the situation, but, to be met with the response I received on the phone, and then no reply to my email? I am disgusted with our municipality and the foreman that had zero interest in taking responsibility for such an amateur mistake by his workers.

Gordon Henderson

North Cowichan