Let’s keep the election conversation serious

We have a very polarized electorate, which involves a lot of fist-waving, hostility and anger

Let’s keep the election conversation serious

Re: “Bring back civility this election”, (Citizen, Sept. 13)

In the world we live in today, more and more of the electorate are taking an interest in politics. It is pretty much the fifth spectated sport after: hockey, baseball, basketball and football. Unfortunately, many people have an opinion but very few of them are informed. Especially considering the majority of the people in today’s world receive their information via social media. Apparently, the internet was suppose to bring us closer together, instead of decaying the social fabric of our society, particularly politically.

Andrea Rondeau has made a valid point in the Sept. 13, 2019 edition, in stating that, “the tone of discourse is getting ugly.” Some words of wisdom I have recently heard from Blair Herbert, local candidate was: “Remember when politicians were gentlemen, who debated policy and ideology.” Well, unfortunately in today’s world we have a very polarized electorate, which involves a lot of fist-waving, hostility and anger on the far-right. Meanwhile, the far-left has radical views which involve protests from people who have no clue as to why they have shown up to impede production, other than the fact it was a fun day for them, despite their limited knowledge of the real issues at hand.

It seems Andrea Rondeau was looking for the term ‘ad hominem’ in her reference to people “hurling grade-school comments”. Personally, I couldn’t agree more. Let’s have serious intimate discussions about making a better world without name calling, personal shaming, or retroactive mistakes. Undeniably, soundbites, slogans and catered populism sell in the world today. But, let’s not have the “back-and-forth that cheapens” that Andrea has mentioned. Let’s be gentlemen and discuss real policy as the words of wisdom which were shared with me.

Without a doubt, we should be proud that more and more Canadians are becoming involved in our democratic process due to social media. Yet, simultaneously more and more Canadians are believing the lies and propaganda of Facebook and other social media outlets. Remember Cambridge-Analytica? Facebook is not the CBC, The Globe and Mail nor the National Post folks. Any shmuck can post false accusations. Therefore, let’s keep the conversation serious.

To corroborate Andrea’s editorial further, “we need to listen as much as we speak.” Go to your local debates, do some research, figure out if you want someone who can represent you in the House of Commons federally, what issues can be truly resolved by the MP you fancy, etc. However, remember…political parties are not hockey teams, don’t think loyalty as much as you think about the potential MP who can do something for your constituency. And, for God’s sake, no classless name calling!

Tony Odo


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