Letter: Curtail police tactics in dealing with youth protesters

This cannot continue

Curtail police tactics in dealing with youth protesters

Open Letter to Mitzi Dean, B.C. minister of Children and Family Development:

I won’t get into a discussion about saving old-growth because I have a suspicion that it will get us nowhere. However there is a “side issue” going on here and that is the ill treatment of young people, some minors, especially indigenous, by some RCMP officers. There is plenty of documentation of this occurring. The argument that these children are breaking the rules of an injunction so deserve what they get goes against the principles of basic human rights that I am sure you passionately uphold. This cannot continue. Members of the press and legal observers must at least be allowed to freely document what is going on. I fully believe that you do not desire to be part of a team that promotes these atrocities happening, and yes, I believe that is the appropriate term. I appeal to you to break from the silence of the other NDP members and at least speak up in favour of curtailing extreme police tactics, for the sake of all our children.

Aaron Padolsky

Mill Bay