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Letter: Dangerous trees in Youbou’s Price Park


Dear Mr Dias;

I write to express my concern about safety of the public while using Price Park in Youbou. I am a resident on Miracle Way, six residential lots from the eastern entrance to the park off Miracle Way.

I have been in contact with the CVRD Arborist, Brock Tingy, who has listened to my concerns and responded to my messages left on his voice mail on two separate occasions. It appears that best practice here is that while Mr. Tingy has been helpful and attentive, there needs to be formal communication on the matter of the dangerous trees in Price Park.

The park has numerous, at least a dozen, dangerous alder trees that are in various stages of falling down. Multiple trees have fallen onto pathways in the park just this past year alone. The CVRD has been aware of this problem for some time, but has not taking any action to correct the situation. Case in point: This year a tree took out one of the wooden bridges over the creek on the high side of the park, along designated and (extensively and expensively) gravelled (by the CVRD in the last two years) pathway. The bridge was repaired, I assume by CVRD contractors or staff, but nothing was done to address the 100 per cent likelihood that more trees will fall.

Please attend the park yourself as soon as possible, assess the dying alder trees, and understand that this is not a situation that can be ignored or put off for another year. It is not a question of IF another tree will fall along the pathways in the park, but when. Hopefully there will not be someone underneath one of the (multiple) dangerous trees, on CVRD created pathways, when another one falls down.

Betty Thompson