Letter: ‘Enforcement hard’ but issues real, and unresolved

Quiet neighbourhood in Duncan beleaguered by near-daily incursion of young riders on dirt bikes

‘Enforcement hard’ but issues real, and unresolved

I note with interest, and more than a little irony, the June 10 story regarding neighbour complaints about the Cobble Hill recycling facility. In that case, the problem of catching malodours ‘in the act’, before officials can enforce regulations.

As for our situation, our otherwise relatively quiet neighbourhood in Duncan has been beleaguered for months now by a near-daily incursion of young riders on (usually) unlicensed dirt bikes (of all sizes), including small and full-size ATVs. These motorized vehicles are cutting through to our area via a wide, paved municipal walkway connecting us to the neighbourhood and streets above.

The riders do this in order to get to, and ride up and down, the Cowichan Valley Trail. Sadly, it’s become routine, and neighbours report that some of these riders are quite aggressive and near-threatening to those who may challenge them.

Our expressed alarm regarding this unsafe, usually very noisy, and illegal behaviour was met with appropriate concern by CVRD and municipal officials, although visible, tangible action with results, has yet to occur. To a point we definitely get it; enforcement is hard.

We continue to see and regularly report on the culprits (most often repeat offenders), but we are advised, and wisely so, not to approach. Meanwhile, we wait for action, with little chance of the riders actually being caught in the act (much like the elusive odours at the recycling facility).

So, then what? Is waiting for (unlikely) enforcement our only option? Suggestions offered that would involve the installation of suitable pathway narrowing-barriers were dismissed. Nor was the suggestion of erecting more visible signage (education?) to discourage motorized vehicles accepted or acted on. We have absolutely no idea what the local authorities actually plan to do. The primary conclusion at the moment, is that we are just expected to live with it.


D. Wilson