Letter: Grant must provide tangible results

More specifics about the grant’s local implementation would have lent council more clarity

Grant must provide tangible results

Dear North Cowichan mayor and council:

I support council and various local groups chasing a potential provincial grant, through the Union of B.C. Municipalities, to reduce terrible and ongoing poverty afflicting Cowichan.

The story about how all of council, except Coun. Tek Manhas, support this funding drive appears in the Feb. 24, 2022 Citizen newspaper.

Instead of voting against the Feb. 16 motion, I wish Coun. Manhas had requested far more details from Coun. Rosalie Sawrie and the Cowichan Housing Association concerning poverty-fighting results this taxpayer funding could generate.

More specifics, if available, about the grant’s local implementation would have lent council more clarity.

For instance, what does “establishing and implementing a community-driven regional poverty-reduction plan” entail?

To wit, perhaps Manhas and council needed more specifics and hopes about that poverty-reduction plan.

To be clear, I sure appreciate all funding to help folks who need it amid our complex poverty crises.

However, my fear surrounds too many studies, too much talk, too many administrators, not enough hands-on help for the poor, and not enough bang for our shrinking tax buck.

Council’s compassionate job is to work with local organizations and help ensure public funding generates creative, tangible results and action needed by our homeless and underprivileged folks.

Hopefully those results follow this and other grants council can pursue.

Peter W. Rusland

North Cowichan