Letter: Have your say on cell tower before Feb. 4

This deadline does not leave a lot of time for citizens to respond to the proposal

Have your say on cell tower before Feb. 4

I would refer to your article on the front page of the Jan. 15, Cowichan Valley Citizen, about the proposed Rogers Cell Tower in the Public Works Yard.

As a homeowner and concerned citizen of Duncan and the area around the Duncan public works yard, a letter was received by surrounding home owners, that the deadline to contact Rogers about any concerns or input about their proposed cell tower, needs to be received by Rogers by Feb. 4. The following contact information was shared in this letter: briangregg@sitepathconsulting.com, phone 778-870-1388.

I am concerned that this deadline was not mentioned in the article that you published.

This deadline does not leave a lot of time for citizens to respond to the proposal, which can, if approved, affect the value of homes in the area, due to cell tower radiation concerns and the wide population of birds in the area around the dike and also a huge concern is the health of the citizens living in this area, due to the increased Wi-Fi exposure around the Duncan public works yard.

This was proven by the pushback of the citizens of North Cowichan, when Rogers proposed a cell tower in their area. Public outcry was able to stop this cell tower from being built and now Rogers is looking for a new location to plant this tower.

Rogers’ concerns, according to the article, feels that the cell phones are a critical part of communication, which I agree, and also, living in that area, I can attest that the cell signal is already very strong there from wherever their current cell tower may reside. So, to my knowledge no other is needed in this densely populated area.

The area around the public works yard is populated with hundreds of families who will be affected by this cell tower if it is approved.

I would like to ask the editor of the paper, to publish another article about this cell tower and mention the contact information and deadline that is required to voice our concerns.

Roslin Yvonne Bell