Letter: Homeless, drug addicted should be moved out of town

Who is responsible for Lewis Street?

Homeless, drug addicted should be moved out of town

Who’s responsible? Re: (crime and filth on Lewis Street)

Awesome letter to the editor from Olga Blouin re: Lewis Street. Who is responsible?

I have read letters re: Lewis Street; the poop on the street, the drug needles, the homeless living off and on at Warmland and off and on the streets. Business owners upset.

Olga says the police do nothing. Who is in charge of the police?

Robert Barron writes (Citizen, July 8) 65 Cowichan staff members earn in excess of $100,000 a year and average pay for CVRD directors is between $34 to $36,000. (More than the mayor here in Duncan. Amazing! North Cowichan mayor earns $78,000 plus a director’s salary (money from the CVRD). The Duncan mayor (M. Staples) earns $33,000 (bless her heart). Two mayors and what a difference in salary. Who is responsible for Lewis Street?

What do the MLAs earn? What do they do? MLA receives $111,024.19. Additional salary pursuant to the act, members who hold ministerial or parliamentary office receive an additional salary that corresponds to a percentage of their basic compensation. Sonia Furstenau is MLA for Duncan.

If these 65 staff members put in $10,000 each and claim it on their income tax, that would be 65 x 10 = $650,000 for a decent, supervised home for these drug addicts, maybe even a decent salary for the supervisor as another free tax write off.

Warmland should be moved and a new building for the drug addicts placed in a quieter, country zone where tax paying people and businesses are not harassed, bullied, threatened, vandalized and criminally burgalized.

Who is responsible?

V. J. Shave