Letter: Hybrid vehicles the way to go

Plug in hybrids, PHEV’s have none of EV problems

Hybrid vehicles the way to go

Carbon dioxide, CO2, is the primary cause of temperature change which causes atmospheric disasters. The atmospheric CO2 level is now 419 PPM, an increase of 49 per cent since mid-1850 and growing daily. Focus on temperature change and not the source of CO2 delays change. It is deliberate! Start with transportation, auto fuels.

Plug in hybrids, PHEV’s have none of EV problems and advantages over fueled vehicles. No CO2 release in cities and towns, starts, acceleration, stops or engine noise or heat. Reduction of fuel by 80 per cent to pre-1940 levels, in 12 years. Twelve years is the average vehicle age.

[This would bring] Canada’s near 60 billion liters of auto fuels [consumption] down to 12 in 12 years, saving over $50 billion per year for auto 23 million auto owners and CO2 down 123 million tonnes per year.

In the U.S., 11 million barrels of auto fuels down to 2.2, saves $472 billion per year for 200 million auto owners at $3.50/gal and CO2 down 1,229 million tonnes per year.

In the world, 90 million barrels of crude per day [would go] down to 18, save $2.49 trillion per year at $1/L and 7,350 million tonnes of CO2 each year.

PHEVs with batteries large enough to cover daily commutes give the above result; a battery one-fifth the size of an EV, average 14kw compared to 75kw. Range 63 km electric and over 1,200 km on engine. EV range 330 km, half that in winter.

PHEVs don’t need charging stations, saving billions of dollars. Charge at night at home where ample cheap power exists. The battery is also chargeable from the engine, so every vehicle has an emergency generator when the grid is down.

New vehicles are purchased at a rate of 1.9 million a year in Canada, 17 million in the U.S., about 70 million worldwide. Vehicle choice is buyer’s choice, costs and useability primary factors. Add PHEVs to the rebate list at the same value for EVs. A $5,000 rebate covers the added cost for a PHEV and about half cost of EVs. Fund rebates with a $30/tonne of CO2 released for the 12 years.

Time, past time, for government by and for the people.

Robert A Conibear