Letter: Ideological extremism is rising, not diminishing

I think how we define ideological extremism is the more important question

Ideological extremism is rising, not diminishing

As humans, I believe that we are evolving. We know more. We do better. We learn and we grow. We apparently do not all do it at the same time or the same speed, but we all do it. Some definitely do it better than others.

History tells us of these people.

History tells us of the “ideological extremists” who taught us that the exploitation of our fellow human beings was unsustainable and unconscionable. “Ideological extremists” have ended some genocides, gotten women the vote, overthrown despots, identified racism, addressed inequality, saved lives, and in a measured way improved lives. History has also shown us that at the heart of all these wonderful changes/advancements there has always been the few that have vehemently bemoaned the curtailment of their own unwarranted advantage for the betterment of all.

Considering this, I think how we define ideological extremism is the more important question.

Unlike the previous writer, I suggest the oppressive, patriarchal, colonial, and puritanical conservative ideologies of the past are the extremist values of today.

Failing to embrace the positive and, let’s face it, much needed societal evolution taking place should be the ideological extremism we concern ourselves with.

As with all evolution, will it simply come down to adapt or die? Be it ignorance, greed, fear or lack of empathy that prevents some from embracing this natural societal evolution, my hope is that we rethink who we deem ideological extremists and that the last cries of the dying dinosaurs soon comes to an end.

Dara Quast

Cobble Hill