Letter: Impossible to find a family doctor

My husband has cancer and I am his caregiver

Impossible to find a family doctor

Copy of a letter to the province:

My husband and I are near 80 years old. Our family doctor has left town. We are on a list with BC Health for a new doctor but we are told the wait is months long.

My husband has cancer and I am his caregiver. He needs a family physician badly. Up till now I have been in excellent health. I am now ill and need a doctor. I have called and called and the only alternative I have been told is to wait in line at a “clinic”. The nearest clinic has only room for two people inside lineup. The rest have to wait outside. I am ill and I do not want to wait outside in the wet and cold.

Also, for the last five years, our family doctors have been leaving town and when we found a new one in the past, they see patients in a closet-like space where my husband’s walker has to be put outside the door. Is this not a safety hazard? There is no room to have a step stool beside the gurney and I have “almost” fallen once, trying to get down. This is absurd. Please help.

This is so unfair. Please tell me you have solution to this problem.

Claire Vey

Cowichan Bay