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Letter: Is freedom of religion an empty concept?

Every world view is a form of ‘religion’

Is freedom of religion an empty concept?

Re: letter from D. Wilson regarding the Christian identity of Camp Qwanoes:

Is it fair to condemn a group of people for their religious convictions without any regard for their actual contribution to the welfare and benefit of this community?

Every world view is a form of “religion”. Theists and atheists alike live within the parameters of their precepts and values, their world views. One may think oneself free from religion, but in fact be just as dogmatic, espousing the precepts of an atheist.

Prior to the COVID lockdowns, the federal government tried to coerce religious groups applying for government grants into signing a declaration in support of pro-choice values, regardless of the nature of the grant. A cry went up from many communities against this blatant attempt to promote a moral value in conflict with religious world views. Freedom of religion matters; the government backed down.

From what I understand, Camp Qwanoes has been vilified and “cancelled” at the bidding of one voice that objected to the statement of faith required by the camp from all their employees. Shouldn’t a religious organization, as does any organization, have the right to expect its employees to uphold their positions of faith? To be clear, this statement of faith was never asked of the campers, just the staff.

Many Canadian organizations and professional colleges now are requiring their members to adhere to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) precepts as a condition of employment. DEI itself is part of a particular world view.

School boards from Duncan to Nanaimo have now cancelled their long-standing and successful relationship with Camp Qwanoes due to the DEI world view.

If DEI entitles some in our community to defame a legitimate and honourable organization, like Camp Qwanoes, then DEI trumps all other world views and becomes a meaningless concept.

M. Moore