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Letter: Japan’s radioactive waste to be dumped in the Pacific Ocean


Dear MP Alistair MacGregor:

I write with shock and fear about potential effects Japan’s ocean dumping of Fukushima’s radioactive nuclear-waste water into the Pacific Ocean starting this week (please see today’s worrying New York Times’ column).

We expect and deserve House debate and federal action about this heinous act by Japan.

We’ve already seen impacts of garbage washing ashore along B.C.’s coast after a 2012 Japanese tsunami.

(Our federal government unwisely chose not to seek debris clean-up costs from Japan’s government.)

Now we face possible health and ecological effects in Canada after Japan’s alleged secretive government and nuclear-power corporation decision to release this hazardous waste water.

The alleged lack of public consultation with Japanese citizens and neighbouring countries is most disturbing. It should certainly worry our federal, provincial and local governments, plus all British Columbians.

And as the Times rightly notes, Japan’s eco-reckless act could set a dangerous nuclear waste-disposal precedent for governments of other countries.

Please advise us about the NDP’s plan to address this tragic news.

Peter W. Rusland,

North Cowichan