Letter: Letter to candidate Leslyn Lewis

Will you keep the promises you make?

Letter to candidate Leslyn Lewis

Dear Leslyn [Lewis],

I like so much of what you stand for Leslyn, but I need to know more:

How will your party protect the environment and Indigenous peoples from big companies who support you in order to win your favour, especially with regard to mining here and in foreign lands?

Will you continue with first past the post or ensure more equitable elections so that everyone feels their vote matters?

How will you protect the boreal and rainforests of our country and stop the poisoning of our farms and food with glyphosate (already found in mothers milk)?

Will you sanction Brazil for its destruction of the Amazon rainforest?

Will you allow companies to do their own research into their products’ safety, which is open to dishonesty in order to make a profit?

Will you continue to allow the present freedoms companies have to sell food which is creating nothing but obesity and health crisis because it is all some people can afford?

How will you address the overdose and drug and homeless and mental health care problems?

There is so much more — and especially, will you keep the promises you make or will you be lobbied into silence?

P. Foot



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