Letter: Librarians and libraries vital to community

Librarians are not wild-eyed radicals

Librarians and libraries vital to community

Public libraries are one of the hallmarks of a liberal democracy. They equalize opportunities for access to information. They introduce children to the wide world of reading. They provide students information to contribute to academic performance. They give low-income adults access to the knowledge in the internet. They provide seniors with support in reading and using information technology.

All library workers, including professional librarians with advanced academic education, are critically important to successful public libraries. Vancouver Island Regional Library has spent millions on beautiful buildings, but refuses to invest in what makes libraries actually valuable, the human resources who provide these public services.

The VIRL board consists of municipal government elected officials, some having shiny new library cards because they are not lifelong library supporters. Municipal elections will be in October. Now is the time for Islanders to tell elected representatives they will be accountable for how they respond to librarians who are seeking reasonable working conditions and compensation.

Librarians are not wild-eyed radicals. When librarians are outside protesting, you know there is something wrong inside.

Ernie Gorrie