Letter: Many problems with Duncan Manor proposal

The new building will be a monstrous six storey

Many problems with Duncan Manor proposal

The quote stating “project will not result in loss of green space” is absolutely false. From Second Street entrance looking south, it is ALL green space! This begs the question, has anyone actually looked at it?

In this area of the park there are also five majestic trees as well as five smaller, but providing welcome shade, this past summer, when I noticed groups of folks bringing their chairs and enjoying the great outdoors, what will happen to this when the project commences?

The present parking area provides more than parking, there is a green space along with a well-used picnic table, handy for those with handicapped in their group; ease of access is great! There are 10 trees; what will happen to them? Some have only recently been planted.

I fail to understand how moving access to the park from First Street to Second will improve safety.

There is no mention in the article that the new building will be a monstrous six storey; now that being the case, it will surely change the ambience in the park, and not for the better. As for a second six storey, at a later date (please read DHS website at https://duncanhousingsociety.ca/new-build-information) this will increase density and we will have reduced park space.

Do I need to ask about the wisdom of replacing a three-storey building designed for seniors with disabled folks also living there, with a six-storey building, giving each resident their own cooking facilities? How long before a fire occurs and the elevators are out of use? There are many more ill-conceived ideas in the plans, this is just the most egregious.

It was refreshing to read that there are objections about the possibility of loosing a section of Centennial Park, I have signed along with over 1,000 others the petition, People for the Park; once this space has gone, it cannot be replaced.

No disagreement on the renewal, has been good to have agreement, however NOT in our precious park, please, let us leave it as it is, for our children and grandchildren to enjoy, as we do.

Back to the drawing board on this.

Hilary Conibear