Letter: NDP plundering future by allowing old growth logging

Our collective actions have made this environmental crisis inevitable

NDP plundering future by allowing old growth logging

Open Letter to Ms. Katrine Conroy, minister of Forest, Lands, and Natural Resources,

I want to be able to support a government that says they are doing the best for our province. But a government can be seen as corruptible that allows old growth forests to be cut while a consultation around forestry practices is supposed to be happening.

Though this government may be able to log old growth forests because “they can”, because of decisions made by this and previous government, it is morally wrong! It is also morally wrong during a time of consultation to allow the acceptance of endless cut-block applications, of which the population of B.C. may be held financially liable in the future if the forest companies are not legally able to act on them.

It scares me to watch the wrong-headed vision of the NDP plunder the future of young people in this province. Many union members of all ages are asking for retraining, requesting measures that will work towards saving us and the environment. Meanwhile, the NDP government is embezzling from the future. “Talking” while logging old growth is not only unethical. It is psychotic.

I’m old. In times gone by, I have been impressed with progressive programs and ideas that the NDP introduced in the last century. I respect people who align with some ideas of the NDP. But now, around old growth logging specifically and the environment generally, the New Democratic Party of BC has proven incapable of acting on the wisdom — old, new, earthly — that is needed today.

Our collective actions have made this environmental crisis inevitable. We are in an inescapable time of change. It is obvious to many that we need leaders who are courageous and brave. We need direction, so that we will thrive. We need to embrace the “Wholistic Forest” [Herb Hammond] and honour the world of the trees with deserved dignity and respect.

It is obvious the NDP are not heroic, and unable to pursue what is the true and honourable way in these times. A forest is not a tree farm. Hundreds, thousands of years are needed for life to recreate what has brought such monetary wealth to the colonizers of this land. You will look back at greed and misguidance of old growth logging with regret. Stop old growth logging now! Adapt! Change to reflect reality! Now is the only time we have.

Miyo Stevens