Letter New museum not what’s needed

We have issues with inflation, gas prices, taxes, groceries

New museum not at all what’s needed right now

I would like to add my two cents worth (which is pretty much what I have left on my monthly 70-year-old pension) on this [recently announced estimated $789 million Royal B.C. Museum replacement] matter.

Across this province, we have issues with health care, a shortage of doctors and staff, emergency departments at the hospitals closed, etc.

We have issues with inflation, gas prices, taxes, groceries and everything in between going up.

We have issues with affordable housing with some folks still not back in their homes since the fires and floods.

The Malahat is still a crapshoot. We have no veterinarians on weekends with the SPCA struggling, etc., just to name a few of our issues.

But eh folks, the cure for all our problems seems to be that the government is willing to spend millions (a billion really) of dollars on museums and art galleries, wow!

A visit to one of these future facilities should solve all of our daily woes, kind folks.

What a farce.

Paul Benson


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