Letter: Overthinking the root of a lot of issues

I missed the moment

Overthinking the root of a lot of issues

In response to Chris Wilkinson’s column from Thursday, May 20, 2021.

I graduated almost two years ago from Mental Health at VIU (with honours). I heard and read everything about mental health, addiction, dysfunctional families of origin and how to try and break the cycle. After reading Chris’s article, it hit me. Overthinking, in my opinion, is the number one cause of mental illness which often leads to addiction.

We ask ourselves, “why was my childhood so unfair?” thinking only about the bad stuff. Beating the negative thoughts to death and missing what is happening right now. My daughter just handed me a flower she picked in the woods; where was I? Thinking about my ever-growing to-do list and a dash of resentment that why life just can’t be easier. I missed the moment. I have a friend who in one year, lost her job, her husband walked out, mother died three months later of pancreatic cancer. Just keep swimming and thinking of all the good the world has to offer if you work for it. So I pondered sending this, but like Chris said, ‘action’. I have only one quote, short: “think whatever makes you truly happy to think” —Jampolsky, Gerold G. M.D. (1983) Teach Only Love, NY Bantom Books, p. 68.

So keep writing Chris, your tips I’m certain are changing lives.

Barbara Morrison Wong