Letter: Plug in hybrids best option

EV low purchase rate is due to high costs, low range, plus costly infrastructure

Plug in hybrids best option

Plug in hybrids, PHEV’s, have none of the problems of electric vehicles. EV low purchase rate is due to high costs, low range, plus costly infrastructure. Consequence over last 15 years is increasing CO2 levels, increased weather disaster, loss of life. EV promotion delays change, deliberately.

Low buyer interest is due to battery deficiencies. Range between two and seven km/KW, takes up space, short life of eight to 10 years. EVs purchased mostly replacing “second car”, one that uses the least fuel, creating the least CO2 reduction. Electric motor life is 30 years.

Hybrid, a vehicle with an electric motor and an internal combustion engine. Motor is used for acceleration, short distance and engine for longer distances. A PHEV with a battery sized to run all of daily commute produces no CO2. PHEV running longer distances uses the motor/engine in combination, reduces fuel/CO2 in the 80-90 per cent range and travels 800 to 1,600 km. Equivalent to two to three litres/100 km.

Average vehicle runs 19,000 km/yr or 52 km/day. PHEV battery sized eight to 20 KW, average 14 KW and will travel two to seven km/kw, average 4.5 km/kw or 63 km per day plus one to two kilowatts from kinetic energy recovery, 70 km per day.

With a PHEV, no charge stations required. Charging PHEV is done at home or using the engine, Level 1 or 2. EVs need L2 or L3. Charging from kinetic energy recovery is done from PHEVs and EVs, adding to range. Amounts are variable but 10 to 20 per cent addition probable. Charging an EV during peak power periods will require additional power supply. Five per cent of 22 million vehicles at 4 kw/hr adds 4,400 megawatts of power.

PHEVs can supply emergency power. Each has a battery plus a generator. When grid power is off, disaster or intentional, power is available from your PHEV. Plug your home into your car, charge your phone, power for WiFi. A crucial feature.

Quicker CO2 reduction with PHEV, costs less to buy and run. Canada auto fuel consumption in 2019 was near 60 billion litres/year would be cut down to six, which saves Canadians over $75 billion each year. CO2 down from 144 million tonnes per year to 15.

Autos in Canada are purchased at a rate in 2019 of 1.9 million. Auto life is near 12 years so total ‘on road’ vehicles in Canada are 22.8 million. When every vehicle we bought is a PHEV, then fuel consumed will be 1/12 of 54 billion litres/yr.

Crude oil production about 1.5 million barrels/day down to around 0.3, add reduction to exports, about 3mb/d to 4.2mb/d export. Tar sands reserve will last about 155 years at this rate of production.

Transport Canada Promotion:

Rebate EVs and PHEVs $5,000 each. Covers about half of EV extra cost and more than PHEV extra cost. Add HEVs at $2,500 for those without plug in facilities (fuel usage about 5L/100km).

Use ALL the revenue from the carbon tax to cover cost.

List ALL available vehicles, EV, phe and HEV. Show MSRP, battery size, range for each.

Track vehicle purchases monthly, by type.

Track fuel consumption, CO2 release monthly/yearly.

Impact and future:

Consolidation of oil and auto industry.

Significant cost of living decrease, every family, auto owners, companies.

Start change worldwide, moving world crude consumption from 90mb/d down to under 20. CO2 cut from about 9,600 million tonnes CO2/yr down to 20. Canada crude production about five per cent currently but could increase to 25 per cent.

Many countries would become self sufficient and ‘mini refineries’ could become viable. Export of refined petroleum product would become the norm. Refining oil is viable at large volumes. The three largest reserves, of which Canada is one would become enters for RPP. Are Canadians capable? Look, plan ahead!

Robert A. Conibear



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