Letter: Protest outside hospital misdirected

Insults the majority of Canadians’ right to protection from infection

Protest outside hospital misdirected

Dear CVRD directors, chairman and staff:

Recent protests outside our preciously vital Cowichan District Hospital were appallingly misdirected and dangerous.

For seemingly misinformed folks — however well-meaning — to target our committed, compassionate health-care heroes was demeaning and ignorant.

I fully support rallying to protect our cherished, democratic civil and human rights.

However, a vocal minority of folks opposing mask-wearing, and scientifically proven vaccinations against our deadly COVID-19 pandemic (and variants), simply insults the majority of Canadians’ right to protection from infection.

Some anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers have indeed become infected, and regretted their earlier stand — ironically relying on medical-care professionals to help them.

With a long list of dire issues facing us across Cowichan, Canada and the globe, these protestors have foolishly chosen to fight against roundly regarded protection against COVID — sadly promoting its spread.

Social-media information and unfounded conspiracy theories do not trump science and salient medical facts.

Perhaps their protests, plus proof against COVID-virus safeguards, should be taken to their local MLAs and MPs, not to those bravely doing critical-care jobs.

Peter W. Rusland

North Cowichan