Letter: Questions for council

How are the proposed grant monies going to be spent?

Questions for council

Re: Lake Cowichan town council’s tax proposals

Is the recent subdivision development on the south-east side of town within town limits? And if so, is it a private development, and are infrastructure upgrades (i.e. sewage upgrades) being downloaded to all town taxpayers?

If so, this must include the downtown core and not only fund new development such as subdivisions.

Rebuild, revitalize the downtown core by building affordable housing for low income people in the downtown area by redeveloping existing land and structures. Build up to a maximum of four storeys above shops.

Lastly, how are the proposed grant monies going to be spent? On what type of sewage facility exactly? Will it have built-in over-capacity to meet the needs of future expansion in the town?

G. Hornsby

Lake Cowichan