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Letter: Rail is the solution

Many thousands of us would love to have a rail system

Rail is the solution

I would appreciate an opportunity to respond to Mr. Sawchuk’s letter to the editor disputing the value of the railway and also his comment saying “everyone wants to drive their car”.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Many thousands of us would love to have a rail system running up and down the island to make life easier to move north and south. The Island’s population is growing so fast that we will be over a million residents within five years. This rail corridor has the potential to remove many passenger vehicles and trucks off our roads and reduce the need to build more highways. Again there is revenue to be gained to offset any costs to operate while any rail passenger service the world over requires some subsidy. Buses are NOT the answer, rail is practically, economically and socially the answer.

This is not a romantic idea but a practical solution to many of our transportation problems. Everyone needs to buy in and support the rail. In Duncan alone there are hundreds of new condos and apartments being built within walking distance of the train station providing easy access to the rail operation.

Jack Peake