Letter: Random trivia to hopefully spread a smile

Why do they make advertising flyers with all different sizes of paper?

Random trivia to hopefully spread a smile

These are some of the things my mind ponders as we start to see the light at the end of the COVID tunnel.

(1) Why do people pull their masks down when they’re about to talk to someone?

(2) Why do people not use their signal to turn into the turning lane but use it in the turning lane when everyone now knows what their intentions are?

(3) Why do people walk diagonal in parking lots or straight down the middle when the car is waiting patiently, or in my case, not so patiently, for them to get to the side?

(4) Why is there a kickoff after a touchdown or field goal in American football when 99 per cent of the time it just seems to go into the end zone and they bring it out to the 25 yard line anyways?

(5) Why do people keep their headlights off or their taillights off during miserable rainy and foggy conditions?

(6) Why are 72 million Americans so stupid? OK, that’s just tongue-in-cheek and probably should be deleted as they will all come after me.

(7) Why is the Republican Party and who are they?

(8) Why do people coming out of the aisles in Walmart not look both ways before they enter? (Intersection crash)

(9) Why do people think minimum wage front line workers somehow have something to do with policy that multi million dollar CEO’s and managers dictate?

(10) Why do they make advertising flyers with all different sizes of paper so when you go to read it it all falls apart?

(11) Why do people driving the speed limit seem to feel so righteous and law abiding when everybody around them is pissed and frustrated? I am in no ways condoning excessive speeding but I think most drivers get what I’m saying.

(12) Why does asking somebody to respect the mask policies make it feel like there might be a potential threat to your life in more ways than one?

(13) Why does the Republican Party even have a chance at securing the senate when everything they do would cause any normal thinking person to dismiss them if it was lying and ignoring and bullying and fabricating on a personal level with people they associate with. Refer to #6. I suppose outrageous behavior is OK when it comes to their leaders but certainly not when it comes to their acquaintances.

I’m sure a lot of people could add to this list and I’m sure I could come up with more but I’m about to make a reservation for my wife and I to get out for a wee bit. Be safe and be kind and remember, “You don’t necessarily know the load on someone else’s back.”

Evan Begbie

Cowichan Bay