Letter: Should be one-load daily limit for all

The residents should be allowed one load a day

Should be one-load daily limit for all

Thanks for the notice about weighing in. It seems fruitless however. As each bin, when considered full, should be weighed by the trucker who moves it, with scales on the trucks, to be legal on the roadways.

Commercial companies who have an office in the CVRD as well as in the case of individually owned companies, should only be allowed one load (a pick up/trailer) a day so as to allow residential users (home owners) the ability to use the facilities, without fear of arriving and not being able to empty their vehicles. Identifying users would be left up to the staff, if needed one employee could simply ask for insurance papers as they have to have the most recent address on the registration of the vehicle that arrives.

The residents should be allowed one load a day. If the CVRD reps want to see an operation that works (but is a bit too small) they should go to the Saanich municipal yard and observe a few hours or one day of operation.

I and one of my acquaintances operated that facility and found it to work with just one employee, as long as the setup of the site and daily limits were followed — barring truck break downs (and equipment problems).

Being free to use means additional costs to the rate payers so keeping things to a fair minimum.

Makes sense, the number of bins needed, can be noted by use, after a short time of observation at the site.

Don Richardson

Shawnigan Lake


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