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Letter: Thanks to motorists, from an avid cyclist


Thanks to motorists, from an avid cyclist

I’d like to say a big thank you to the motorists in the South Cowichan. As an avid cyclist living in Shawnigan Village, the route around the Lake is my favourite morning ride. Recent repaving of some of the worst spots makes the ride more enjoyable; too bad the Department of Highways did little, if anything, to consider cyclists as part of the traffic. This situation is not unique to the road around Shawnigan Lake. There are places where you really are out on the travelled portion of the road and a motor vehicle can only pass if they go into the oncoming lane when it is safe to do so.

Though it is not a dedicated bike path, having a paved shoulder, with a line to mark it, makes the road safer and more enjoyable for both motorized and non-motorized vehicles. It makes me so happy to say that I have had no instances this summer where I felt at risk, no times when I have been honked at (except in greeting) or felt crowded. Now, what do we do about the Department of Highways?

We live in a beautiful area with the most temperate climate in Canada, this should be a place that embraces the bicycle both as a means of transportation and also as a tourist attraction. E-bikes are creating a sea change in cycling, let us embrace this opportunity. The South Cowichan Rotary Club is in the early stages of planning an Active Transportation Initiative, mostly centred around use of the bicycle as a utility vehicle, a means of developing health and fitness and a way to just embrace the joy of cycling.

If you are interested in hearing more please contact me at

Gay Wise

Shawnigan Lake