Letter: The sound of progress

It’s all a matter of perspective

The sound of progress

Pick your sounds. I too live on Kingsview Road and hear the sounds from the construction site. (Notice I did not say noise). During this time of Thanksgiving, I believe that people should really think long and hard about what really matters in life and their view that this situation is so distressing.

I would rather hear the sound of progress than hear the sound of bombs going off, or trying to get to the airport to escape a brutal regime and being told there is no room on the planes, or the sound of a helicopter transferring my sick child to a hospital, or the sound of the doctor telling me there is no cure for my illness, or the sound of an abandoned child left at home while parents are out partying, or the sound of being told you cannot go to church because the government has set in place restrictions, or being told that you cannot attend the funeral of your husband who recently passed away because of restrictions.

So it’s all a matter of perspective. Sure I hear the sounds but to my ears, it is the sound of progress.

Helen Van Zutphen

North Cowichan