Letter: Time Sahtlam came out of dark ages

We have no cell service!

Time Sahtlam came out of dark ages

To say that as a resident of Sahtlam I am disgusted with the actions of the municipality, city and south end directors who would interfere in the Sahtlam area is an understatement. We have no cell service!

This past week I was in Gold River at an event, tried to contact my wife by landline and couldn’t because of a fault in our neighborhood’s underground wiring. My wife has health issues and would not have been able to contact 911. It took two days of talking to “overseas representatives” ending with a demand that they issue a work order to Telus. Eight days with no phone!

As a retired fire chief I know that communication is important but, if the incident commander is asked to contact fire dispatch by phone he can’t: no service. It is time that Sahtlam came out of the dark ages so muni, city and south end, get out of Sahtlam’s affairs.

Mike Lees