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Letter: Too much communist red tape

Mega corporations and excess profits love a socialist government

Too much communist red tape

I read that small businesses with up to 50 employees are by far the biggest providers of jobs in Canada.

These businesses need to make a profit to survive but more and more of these businesses are struggling and going down under the heavy load of bureaucratic red tape.

Large mega corporations understand bureaucracy and have professionals to deal with it.

For me, profit should not be a nasty word. It is the backbone of our democratic country and its economy.

Excess profit is a nasty thing and very destructive to our economy and country.

It is my belief that excess profit is best controlled by free trade, open healthy competition, little bureaucratic red tape, little government interference accompanied by an unfettered balanced free press and media keeping everything honest.

Mega corporations and excess profits love a socialist government. They pander and donate to the politicians and bureaucrats, encourage them to create red tape and to bog down small businesses and to keep government financed press off of their backs.

A perfect example of this extreme is communist Russia and China where the politicians are very rich and the oligarchs are hugely rich beyond imagination. There are no middle class working people which are the backbone of a democratic society and who pay the lion’s share of taxes.

Here in North America we seem to be slipping deeper and deeper into extreme socialism and going further and further down the communist rabbit hole.

We need to wake up and evaluate Canada and how to keep our country strong and free.

John Money