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Letter: Too overprotective of children’s play

He would toss us off and we would land at the base in the snow

Too overprotective of children’s play

Re: Cowichan teacher suspended after student injured during game

It would appear that the teacher made reasonable efforts to control the escalating roughness. But it would have behooved him to discuss the rules devised by the students before allowing the game to be commenced.

That said, it does not appear to have been much different, in physical contact, from a rugby game in which the players don’t wear protective equipment like football players do. For anyone who grew up any the ’60s they will recall that even school playground activities could be just as rough, if not rougher.

I recall in Grades 6 and 7 during the winter, in the small logging town we resided, there was a large snow hill made by grounds maintenance that we played ‘King of Hill’ on and it would involve our homeroom teacher standing on top of the hill. All the boys would charge up the hill like soldiers and he would toss us off and we would land at the base in the snow and charge up again. If the teacher wasn’t there we would battle for the top of the hill amongst ourselves.

In spring and fall the boys would engage in piggy back fights where we would try to pull their opponents off their partners’ backs. It was always rough and tumble.

Today, we have become so overprotective and suppressive of boys, that when boys finally are able to release their natural aggression it sometimes ends up with injuries like the one that occurred in this game. Like shaking a Coke bottle then opening it and expecting nothing to happen.

Connor Whelan