Letter: Trudeau doesn’t grasp dangers of C-10

We can now add “tin foil hat conspiracists” to the long list of insults

Trudeau doesn’t grasp dangers of C-10

A recent remark by Justin Trudeau that Canadians, alarmed about the potential abuses to free speech inherent in Bill C-10, are “tin foil hat conspiracists” betrays two terrible truths that have become constant aspects of his tenure in office. One is his utter contempt for large portions of the Canadian public, the other is his incomplete grasp of the issues.

As usual Mr. Trudeau does not feel it necessary to respect or acknowledge the diversity of opinion that exists in Canada, despite his constant harping on both the need for diversity in general and our disappointing tendency not to live up to his lofty personal value system. We can now add “tin foil hat conspiracists” to the long list of insults he has tagged us with at one time or another.

Insults aside, it is important that we examine the second aspect the issue: Mr. Trudeau’s failure to grasp the potential dangers of the legislation. It is not just former CRTC head Peter Menzies who has warned us about the dangers of it, but innumerable others who have done so as well. In an open letter to the Trudeau government composed on May 17, 2021 a long list of tech experts, professors and other highly qualified officials clearly spelled out the danger of Bill C-10. The reaction of the government? Ignore them.

Even the NDP’s Heather McPherson criticized the bill and said that Stephen Guilbeault has ignored the advice of experts and divided Canadians. The bill is flawed and contains tremendous potential to inappropriately silence Canadians. Many Canadians realize this and many experts concur. That is alarming enough, but what is even more alarming is the undisputable reality that Canadians have heard all this before.

Once, many decades ago, another Trudeau treated us with disdain and arrogance and told us that we did not meet the mark. He is long gone after having successfully shaped much of the nation in his image. Now we have to endure it again in his son. The question is, for how long, and what will be left of Canada when he has finished? In the face of a looming and critical national election, it is a question we should all be pondering.

Perry Foster