Letter: Vandalism of Cook statue unacceptable

No, to historical revisionism and violence

Vandalism of Cook statue unacceptable

The recent vandalism against the statue of Captain Cook in Victoria’s inner harbour serves no one, either indigenous or non-indigenous. It is a violation of our history and part of the alarming new Canadian tendency to legislate social justice through cancel culture and intimidation. As many have already pointed out, Cook and his explorations were a part of our mutual history. He was a navigator and discoverer who contributed tremendously to science and cartography and our knowledge of the Pacific Northwest.

The attempt to portray him as a villain is neither accurate nor worthy of such a great man. We Canadians seem to be at a crossroads here. While there is nothing wrong with respectfully re-examining our history and remorsefully re-assessing it, there is a great deal wrong with burning churches, advocating public vandalism and condoning violent attempts to revise our history through intimidation.

Cook contributed greatly to our knowledge not just of Canada’s Pacific Northwest, but to that of Australia and New Zealand as well. For these reasons, and the importance of the rule of law, his statue should be restored. Those who destroyed it do not speak for the majority, and they have no right to influence public policy through vandalism. Yes, to the right to protest and to free speech. No, to historical revisionism and violence.

Perry Foster