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Letter: We love you Camp Qwanoes

Sounds like religious discrimination to me

We love you Camp Qwanoes

Camp Qwanoes, thank you for serving our community for over 50 years. My daughters loved every minute while attending during their teens. Your facility, beautifully positioned along the ocean and woodlands has been excellently maintained while your wilderness programs have inspired adventure, excitement and care for our environment. All run by friendly and decent youth leaders.

I hear your camp is now declared persona non grata by several school districts because one person complained. For goodness sake, it was for only one day of the Grade 7 school year and without religious instruction of any kind. You must have turned evil indeed.

I find it very ironic the Cowichan School District says you lack inclusivity. I can only chuckle because that is exactly what it is doing. It declares to be free of discrimination and marginalization. Really? Sounds like religious discrimination to me.

If the schools are so inclusive why have hundreds of families fled the public schools and turned to home schooling or private schooling? For one, they don’t like their sex ed programs. It is well-known, modest sexual practices are common to most religions. Have the schools tried to find a way to accommodate this minority group? Hardly.

Stay strong, dear Camp Qwanoes, we love you!

Cristina Adam

Mill Bay