Letter: Welfare needs to change

I see young ones not even trying to work

Welfare needs to change

As I was in the welfare office to turn in work papers I was stunned to notice as clients came in that I was the only one standing reading the job postings. I, in my 60s still work. I see young ones not even trying to work.

In the past few months I’ve encountered and spoken to some of them where I reside and asked questions. Most say, ‘I don’t have to work’, or ‘I’m on disability’, or ‘what for? I get welfare’.

I was appalled and disgusted at some of them. I cannot believe they (under 40) get disability for alcoholism or drug use. That is ridiculous. Addictions are a choice, not a paid issue to sit back and continue. Welfare needs to get back to being tougher on anyone under 40-50 cause they abuse the system. If my child was what I see every day in Duncan she/he’d be in a bootcamp/scared straight program yesterday.

The system is abused and way too easy. Tenancy laws need to toughen up also, judging from what I see and work at. These so-called homeless get free housing at the Duncan Mound. I’m told they won’t go cause of rules. We all have rules, OK. I am stunned by the easy streets.

Can’t help those who refuse to get it. Bottom line: enabling is not helping.

Also former Warmland homeless who reside in cheap rent places and flophouse homeless is a huge issue for fires. How about big barns or abandoned ships out of town for these homeless? No excuses.

B.L. Bonner