More bonsai thefts causing more grief

More bonsai thefts causing more grief

More bonsai thefts causing more grief

Re: “Crushed by loss of beloved stolen bonsai trees”, (Citizen, Oct. 6)

Also crushed by loss of my bonsai trees!

Last year I went to water my bonsai trees and half of my 20 trees were gone! I can relate to Della, as I have been cultivating these trees for over 15 years. They take a lot of work, which is very rewarding, as they are a slow art form and take years to see the results.

Each tree has a special meaning and story, like one tree was from the man who got me started; he died. Now the tree that reminded me of him is also gone. Another tree was from my neighbour who brought it from his dying friend in the Interior; now that tree is gone. When my oak tree died, a member of our club who was moving to Victoria gave me his oak tree; now it is gone. I am still devastated and find it hard to get motivated to look after the rest of my trees.

These trees are priceless to me, and I fear they were stolen so someone could sell them and get stone, or they were already stoned and wanted to watch them float down the river. Unlike Della, I don’t think thieves like this can be healed.

George Pastor