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In our age and day the practice of humility is a much ignored virtue

In our age and day the practice of humility is a much ignored virtue, yet on the last day of each year Buddhists gather for a Buddhist ceremony of 108 Bells. This ceremony offers us an opportunity to meditate and reflect on this past year. A look at our shared wisdom.

So, how do we gather our wisdom? In the Buddhist philosophy this is the ability to accept and realize the Four Virtues: the discovery of our inner self, that leads to true happiness.

Then, we can practice purity, loving, kindness and compassion; which leads us to understand the temporary nature of our human lifetime. As we work with our wisdom we come to deeply understand we should not let our emotional minds control us, rather we should be masters of our mindfulness.

In the year end 108 Bells ceremony we have an opportunity to reflect on the kind of year we have shared with self and others. We look back on our financial year, was it a good one, a not so good one? What can we do about it moving into the new year? We reflect on motivations that moved us forward with family, friends, co-workers, partners, loved children and grandchildren. In this meditation we take the opportunity to reflect on how we may have done better in our decisions and judgements. We ask how have I grown this past year?

The Buddhist perspective on purity relates to loving, kindness and compassion which easily reminds us of the temporary nature of our journey on Mother Earth. The 108 Bells on the last evening of the year gives us at year end, a further opportunity to meditate on those who have already passed on.

With this meditation we forgive ourselves for mistakes made and commit to listening better in the coming year, to self and others. It is not easy to be human with our 108 earthly desires! 
Our goal is to turn our human desires into health, of body, mind and spirit; realizing true happiness and prosperity in all we say and do.

This 108 Bells Celebration may be shared at the Nichiren Buddha Center in Duncan as part of the New Years Day GanTan Celebration. For information visit, text or call: 250-710-7594.

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Thus It Has Been Shared

N.Henry, Nyudo Buddha