Natural gas project at Bamberton not a done deal

Should you give up and consider this a “done deal”? Absolutely not.

To all of you who think the proposed Steelhead liquefied natural gas project slated for Bamberton is too absurd, ridiculous, and environmentally foolhardy to proceed, well, I have news for you.

Unfortunately, it’s game on.

Steelhead LNG has rented two office spaces in Mill Bay. As you read this, they are busy formulating their “project description” which then goes to the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office.

The folks in the BCAO will then ask for an environmental impact assessment to be completed and the process of getting to a “yes” begins.

Should you be worried? Of course. Should you give up and consider this a “done deal”? Absolutely not.

The four chiefs of the WSANEC First Nations around the Saanich Inlet have stated in one crystal clear voice they are opposed to this project.

And right now, a huge group of concerned community members are working very hard to ensure this proposal does not happen. To join them, please sign up at or contact me at Also, please consider participating in the “Paddle For The Inlet II” July 9 (details at plus stay tuned for future demonstrations.

Defeating this proposal will not be easy. It will take months if not years of hard work, not unlike the battle over the location of the Eco Depot and the ongoing issue with South Island Aggregates contaminated dirt permit. However, as companies and governments have found out, we are extremely passionate about protecting our environment and our way of life. Bottom line — we never give up.


Barane McCartney

Shawnigan Lake