NDP good at destroying a province

John knows nothing about accounting, there are two sides to a ledger

NDP good at destroying a province

NDP good at destroying a province

John Horgan and the NDP have announced campaign promises of freezing ferry rates, allowing seniors, age 65 and over to travel free on ferries on Mondays to Thursdays, freezing hydro rates, and freezing ICBC rates.

Sounds great to the taxpayer, but as John knows nothing about accounting, there are two sides to a ledger. The other side of the ledger is to freeze all employee wages in these corporations. If he does not freeze the wages, then the debt increases as the expenses climb, but the revenue cannot because of the freeze.

Ferry rates go up every April 1 because all B.C. ferry employees get a pay raise. In the hospitality industry and fast food outlets, when union contracts give out pay raises and the minimum wage increases, all menus are redone with new higher pricing. The employer or company never absorbs the increased costs. The consumer is the one that absorbs the increase in costs. The NDP in Canada has no sense of accounting principles.

Former B.C. Social Credit premier, WAC Bennett said that the NDP could never operate a peanut stand. Federal Conservative candidate, Kevin O’Leary says that the NDP government in Alberta do not know what they are doing. Former NDP B.C. premier, Glen Clark, was asked by a news reporter, now that he is working with the Jim Pattison Group, what has he learned that he would have applied to when he was premier of B.C. His answer, with a big smile, was to learn the difference between a debit and a credit.

Remember, the voters are their own boss when it comes to who will be government. Don’t blame the NDP when they are given the authority to govern, blame the voting taxpayers. The NDP from coast to coast have proven to everyone, that they do not know the first thing of how debits and credits work in the economics of accounting, but they are all excellent at destroying a province before giving it back to a new political party when the NDP lose the following election.

Joe Sawchuk